Vulkan Internal Hex

Simple, effective and versatile

Designed to simplify the implant procedure, Vulkan Internal Hex. with Vbody morphology, it features a high precision hexagonal connection with high resistance to occlusal loads, a polished coronal zone that gives it versatility in placement and a single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters.
Simple, effective and versatile

Main Features

1. Simplicity

The high precision hexagonal connection reduces micro-movements, is effective in the distribution of occlusal loads and has a high resistance to torsional loads. In addition, the system features a single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters, simplifying the restoration process. Micro-grooves in the cortical area increase the primary stability and decrease the risk of reabsorption of the cortical bone.

2. Optimal load distribution

The trapezoidal thread profile optimizes the distribution of loads, facilitates the self-tapping function and has high indexes of bone contact surface (BIC).
The double thread pitch allows a rapid advance of 1.8mm per turn, speeding up the insertion. Furthermore, the taper shape allows the bone to gradually condense to increase primary stability.

3. Self tapping

The Vbody morphological design of the implant has two notches that optimally channel the tissue detached during implantation, facilitate the self-tapping function and have the function of anti-tapping when osseointegrating. They also reduce excessive pressure on the alveolar bone during insertion.

4. Reduced Risks

The blunt end of the apical area simulates the natural root, improves maneuverability in insertion
and reduces the risk of injury to anatomical structures.

A single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters

 Common prosthetic platform: Ø3.75mm

Ø 3.30


Ø 3.75


Ø 4.20


Ø 5.00


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