Vulkan Tissue Care®

Vulkan Tissue Care® is an abutment system designed to preserve connective tissue and ensure complete restorative and surgical flexibility.

Tissue Care® abutments dramatically simplify the restorative procedure by moving the prosthetic platform of Vulkan® Conical Connection from bone level to tissue level, remaining in position throughout the restorative procedure and throughout the life of the restoration.

This new position of the restorative platform allows thesoft tissue remain intact and facilitates an optimal healing process.

Soft Tissue Preservation

Tissue Care® abutments remain in position from implant placement through completion of the restorative procedure and the life of the restoration.


Tissue Care ® abutments abutments transfer the prosthetic platform of the Vulkan® Conical Connection implant from the bone level to the tissue level, facilitating the attachment of prosthetic components and the impression taking.